What is this?
The GSZ Seed Funding-Program is a six-month scholarship for postdoctoral researchers to support the preparation and submission of a research project application to a highly reputed funding schemes. Applications can be prepared to either individual research project (e.g. DFG Walter Benjamin, DFG Eigene Stelle or MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships) or for building up a research group (e.g. ERC Grants or DFG Emmy-Noether). In case of success, the projects are to be based at GSZ.

The starting date is July 1, 2024. The postdoctoral researcher will receive a workplace at the GSZ office and will actively participate of center’s activities and present and discuss the project application with peers. A professorial supervision will be defined by the GSZ, so as to provide close support throughout the process.


Who can apply?
You can apply, only if you are a postdoc who meets the following two conditions:

1. You are or become a GSZ member and therefore part of the GSZ’s academic community and get actively involved in the center’s activities, e.g. participating in colloquia, workshops and other events.
2. Your place of residence is or will be Berlin in case of getting the scholarship.


What is the amount of the scholarship?
The amount of the scholarship is 1.750 € per month as a lump sum.


Which documents need to be included in the application?

1. A letter (2-3 pages), addressed to the GSZ-coordination, that includes
• an outline of the proposed project with a clear research question and research plan
• an explanation of how the proposed project fits into the center’s specific conceptual foci
• a timeline for July to December 2024 that shows the plan of the project application and the binding submission date.

2. A recent CV and the PhD certificate
3. Evidence that proves that your previous funding has ended or is about to run out (e.g. an e-mail confirmation from the funding body)


Where do I need to hand in my application documents?
The application documents need to be handed in electronically either in German or English. Your application documents need to be saved in one PDF document.

The PDF needs to be sent to the coordinator of the GSZ: henrik.schultze@hu-berlin.de

We will confirm the reception of your application documents.

The application deadline is 31th May 2024.


What is the selection procedure?
All applications are checked for completeness and correctness.
1. A selection committee on behalf of the GSZ decides on the awarding of the scholarship on the basis of the submitted documents.
2. The selection committee is composed of professors and experienced postdocs who are members of GSZ. Supervisors of applicants cannot be part of the selection committee.
3. The following awarding criteria will be considered in the selection procedure:
• Scientific quality of the proposal
• Feasibility of the presented work plan and timeline for the completion of the application
• Connectivity of the proposal with the center’s specific conceptual foci

The selection committee decides at its own discretion to whom scholarships should be awarded. Upon acceptance of the scholarship, the scholarship holder will inform the GSZ about any changes (e.g. new funding sources) that are relevant to the granting of the scholarship.